Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure

Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure

Bhangarh, known as the most haunted place in India, is situated in the Aravalli range of hills in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. The Blog “Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure” covers the travel guide along with the stories associated with it.


What is the Story of Bhangarh ?

There are two famous stories behind the current status of Bhangarh. However, the common thing in both the stories is that the fort was ruined by the curse of angry Tantrik/Ascetic.

Legend – Tantrik’s Curse

Bhangarh fort was built by Bhagwant Das for his son and the ruler of Bhangarh, Madho Singh. Chatar Singh was the successor of Madho Singh. Chatar Singh had a daughter, Ratnavati. As per legend, Ratnavati was very famous and beautiful. A wizard, Sinhai, fell in love with the Rantavati and wanted to marry her. To get her under his control, the wizard put a spell of black magic in the oil that was supposed to be used by the queen, Ratnavati.

However, Ratnavati got to know about the oil and threw the same outside of the fort. Oil spilled on a big rock which crushed the wizard to his death. Before dying, the wizard cursed the Bhangarh for its destruction.

Around a year later, the neighbor king of Ajabhgarh attacked the Bhangarh fort. Bhangarh lost the battle and the queen was killed. After the battle, the fort has dwindled slowly.

People believe that the soul of the queen roams around the fort and the sound of women screaming, breaking bangles can be heard from the fort.

 Another Legend – Ascetic’s Curse

As per legend, an ascetic named Guru Balu Nath used to live near the current fort premise. When Bhagwant das asked for the advice of Guru Balu Nath to make the fort for his son, Ascetic has allowed him to make the fort with one condition that the height of the fort should not be greater than his house.

The ascetic warned him of destruction if the shadow of the fort fell on his house.

However, Bhagwant Singh ignored the advice given by the Guru Balu Nath and made the fort which later led to the destruction of the fort.

Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure

Bhangarh Fort Warning Board

Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure

It is not allowed to enter the fort after the sunset. Archeological Survey of India has a board mentioning the same along with other necessary instructions related to cattle and plants.

On a lighter note, the fear of monkeys snatching the food items from your hand is no less scary than the ghosts. Beware of monkeys.

Although it is restricted to visit the fort after the sunset, many media persons
and Youtubers have attempted the entry inside the fort at night.



What to Expect in Bhangarh Fort Premise

1. Temples


Bhangarh fort has 6-7 temples on the premise. An old temple of Lord Hanumana is located near the entry gate of the fort.

Apart from this, Bhangarh fort premise has other temples like Ganesh Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Mangla Devi temple, Someswar Temple, Rani Ratnavati temple, and Gopinath Temple. These temples are in ruin condition and are without any idol of the god.

Most of the god idols of Bhangarh fort are shifted in the fort of Jaipur.


2. Water Pond

One small water pond, made in the 16th century, is located near the Someswar temple. The water quality of the pool is not so good. Still, local people take a bath in the pool with full devotion on special occasions.

It is also known that wild animals come down to drink water from the pond at the night. The presence of the wild animals at night can also be connected with the death of people who had visited the fort at night.

3. Markets


There are two markets in the fort premise, the Main Market and the Jauhari market.


Currently, the markets are in a ruined condition and only the walls of the shops are the attraction for the tourists.

4. Haveli

Fort premise also has few Havelis in ruined condition. Modo’s, Nachan’s, and Purohit ji’s haveli are the main attraction for the tourists.

5. Main Fort


Bhangarh was a strategically built fort, which is covered by the hills from three sides to prevent the attack of the enemy.

Currently, The fort has 4 floors in ruined condition. Out of the 4 remaining floors, two floors are open for the tourists. Fort had 7 floors in its original state.

Fort has a three-layer wall fortification.

The panoramic view of the Aravalli range and the nearby fields in the rainy season indeed makes a beautiful scenery.

Bhangarh Fort at Night

Due to past incidents in the fort premise, the entry into the fort after the sunset is restricted. However, few people have attempted the night visit and covered the footage of the fort premise.

Most of the local people will tell you that they have heard the stories of ghosts from their elders but never experienced such things in life. It should be noted that it is a well-known fact that many people have died inside the fort.

It can be assumed that the deaths are either because of the attack of wild animals or due to fear of the place.

How to Reach Bhangarh

By Road : 

Bhanagrh fort is 280 kms from Delhi and the distance can be covered in 6 hours. One should leave in the early morning from Delhi to reach the fort before 2 PM. Locals buses are also available till the Gola ka bass (Nearest village). Finally, a jeep can be hired from Gola ka bass to Bhangarh fort.

By Rail : 

One can book the train till the Alwar junction of Rajasthan. The remaining distance needs to be covered by road from here.

I hope the blog Bhangarh Fort: Full of Mystery and Adventure has given clarity for your Bhangarh trip. Please share your opinion and feedback in the comment section.


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