Best Places To Visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan and weekend gateway for the people of the Rajasthan and Gujarat. we have compiled the best places to visit in Mount Abu.

In the Aravalli range of Sirohi District, Mount Abu is a small hill station. Unlike the remaining part of Rajasthan, Mount Abu weather is very pleasant throughout the year. It has been a perfect retreat station for the people of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

On Average, Mount Abu temperature ranges from 3 °C in January to 32 °C in May. However, as per past trends, the temperature can go up to minus 5 °C in winters and touch the 40°C in summers.

Apart from being a hill station, Mount Abu is also famous for its temples, historical & spiritual places, lake, and wildlife.

Guru Shikhar

Mount Abu Places to Visit

Located 15 km from Mount Abu center, Guru Shikhar is the highest point in the Aravalli range.

The peak has a temple of Guru Dattatreya, an incarnation of the Divine Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) making it a place of religious importance for local people.

Being at the height of 1,722 meters, the peak provides a perfect spot for a panoramic view of the nearby places and the Aravalli range.

Guru Shikhar tops the list for the best places to visit in mount Abu.

Famous for: View Point, Photography, and Trekking


Dilwara Jain Mandir

Dilwara TempleDilwara temples are the most beautiful architectural specimen of the century. The complex has 5 Jain temples which are located around 2.5 km from Mount Abu center.

Temples are of great religious importance for Jain Community.

These temples are made of pure marble with the rich carving of flowers and Jain Mythology scenes in the corridors, pillars, and arches.

Out of 5 Dilwara temples, Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vashahi are the most famous. Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi temples are dedicated to Lord Rishabha and Lord Neminath, respectively.

Famous for: Historical Places, Architecture, and photography

Nakki Lake

The mountain-surrounded lake and the nearby market are the most lively spot in the Mount Abu.

A well-managed garden, plenty of eating joints, and a perfect lake view are the few reasons that make it a perfect spot to spend the evening with your friends and family.

Boating in the lake is the major attraction of this place.

Lake is also famous for Gandhi Ghat, where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed.

Famous for: Boating, Sunset, photography, Camping, and Eating

Toad Rock View Point

Toad RockToad rock is an igneous rock that attracts tourists for its unique shape and the amazing panoramic view of Nakki lake from the top of the rock.

As the name suggests, the rock looks like a toad trying to jump into the lake.

This is on the main trekking trail near Nakki lake.

Famous for: View Point, and Photography


Mount Abu Sanctuary

Wild Life Sanctuary Mount Abu Sanctuary is a paradise for wildlife lovers as it offers a great variety of Fauna and Flora.

The highest peak of Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar, is in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary is famous for a high number of bird species (around 250) and fauna like Indian leopard, sloth bear, Sambar deer, wild boar, and chinkara.

One can also observe a variety of orchids in the sanctuary.

Famous for: Wildlife, and Photography


Achalgarh Fort

Mount Abu Places to VisitAchleshwar Fort offers two important sites to visitors, Achleshwar Mahadeva Temple and Stone Buffaloes in the nearby pond. The fort is in ramshackle condition.

People worship the toe prints of lord shiva in the temple.

One can also do shopping in the nearby market that offers handicraft items.

Famous for: Photography, Temple Visit, and Shopping


Sunset Point of Mount Abu

Mount Abu Places To VisitThis is the best place to spend a peaceful time with your friends and family. As rightly said, Sunset points are the places where emotions rise as the sun sets.

Around 2 km southwest of Nakki Lake, Sunset point is one of the famous tourist spots in Mount Abu. It provides a perfect panoramic view of the Aravalli range.

Famous for: Photography, Sunset View, and Picnic


Peace Park

Peace Park Mount Abu

Around 8 km from the Mount Abu, Brahmakumaris’ Peace park is part of the Brahma Kumaris’ establishment. They offer a guided tour of the park and one can also watch few informational videos explaining the concept of mediation. Park has a small rock garden and few caves types structure for meditation.

The small hills surrounded peace park attract many travels making it one of the famous tourist places in Mount Abu.

Famous for: Photography, Rock Garden, and meditation concept 


Trevor’s Tank

Around 5 km from Mount Abu, Trevor’s tank is an offbeat place that is artificial crocodiles breeding point. The prime tourist attraction of this place is the crocodile point however if one trek further, this place provides a beautiful view of the sanctuary.

Trevor’s tank is also famous for birdwatching.

Trevor’s tank timing: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Famous for: Wildlife, and Photography

Honeymoon Point in Mount Abu

Honeymoon Point Mount Abu

As the name suggests, Honeymoon point is famous for couples as it provides the best panoramic view of the Aravalli range and the perfect environment for a romantic evening. One can reach the Honeymoon point by hiking for 1.5 to 2 km. Honeymoon point is also famous for the Sunset view.

Famous for: Photography, View Point, Sunset



We tried to explain the best places to visit in Mount Abu in this blog which will help you in planning your trip to Mount Abu. Share your opinion and feedback in the comment section.


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